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Taking Cronicas to the next level

As many of you heard at the Knight conference last month, Yesica Guerra has had tremendous success running CRÓNICAS DE HÉROES in Juarez, MX. The site, which is approaching nearly 1,000 reports, is influencing the news that is coming out of Juarez and increasing civic pride in the city. Next month the project will launch in San Diego and Tijuana.

More importantly, Yesica is planning to establish the project as an independent organization that will bring Cronicas to many more border towns. (Look out Laredo, TX/ Laredo, MX!)

Working with a community foundation in Mexico, Cronicas is establishing a bi-national fund to raise funds for these efforts. A bi-national fund allows the project to receive financial support from both sides of the border. As a fiscal agent, the community foundation manages any funds raised by Cronicas. In return, Cronicas gets the benefit of the foundation’s 501c3 status while its own corporation documents and tax exemptions are being developed and processed.

Cronicas just announced its first fundraising campaign on, an open source project to pioneer “community powered reporting.” Through Spot.Us you can support citizens journalists reporting on important and perhaps overlooked topics, like those captured by hero reports.

Please consider supporting CRÓNICAS DE HÉROES by donating talent or funds. Read more at: