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This Week in Civic Media 04.30.10: MITNews up for a Webby; Marianna Leavy-Sperounis video on Lawrence, Mass.

MIT News

  • Yo! Vote up the MIT News Office for a Webby Award for best university website (It’s already in the lead!)

From friends of the Center

Law, Privacy, and Copyright

  • @EFF: Timeline of Facebook Privacy Policies from 2005 to 2010: Watch your privacy and control disappear.
  • “Fair Use Generates $4.7 Trillion For US Economy” And only because content is available, need for net neutrality
  • @dangillmor: grandstanding CA cops confiscate journalist’s computers; ALL journos should be challenging this but won’t
  • @suffolkmedialaw: Why The Take-Down of the ‘Hitler’ Parodies on YouTube was Illegal | TV Week

Future of News

  • @NickKristof: We in the news media don’t apologize enough for our screw-ups. Here’s an impressive exception:
  • @mediatwit:, a local news startup in Toronto, hopes to collaborate more with readers Soft launch in May
  • Howto, via @pbsmediashift: ditching the press release for the social media release


  • Verizon drops Google’s Nexus One handset, signaling increased competition between hardware makers and networks
  • @mashable: 4 Ways One Non-Profit Uses Location to Increase Engagement –