Creating Technology for Social Change

Communications Forum: “What’s New at the Center for Future Civic Media”

MIT Center for Future Civic Media Director Chris Csikszentmihalyi presents the Center’s most recent projects. From community mapping to news tracking, from collective action to rural empowerment, from cultural mixing to carbon consciousness, civic media is any technology or technique that strengthens a geographic community. Civic media researchers will demonstrate their projects in a lightning-round format, with time for discussion and questions following each presentation listed below.

Presentations include:

Making Change
Landman Report Card – ExtrAct Team
Red Ink – Ryan O’Toole
Sensible Communities – Nadav Aharony
Sourcemap – Leo Bonanni and Matt Hockenberry

Crossing Borders
VirtualGaza – Josh Levinger
Microtourism – Rick Borovoy
Between the Bars – Charlie DeTar

Subjective Mapping
Awareness Mapping – Jay Silver
Lost in Boston – Rick Borovoy
Newsflow/Cartagen – Jeff Warren

Rethinking News
OpenPark – Florence Gallez
Populous – Dharmishta Rood
Placeblogger – Lisa Williams