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Terra Incognita: Call for Participation in our Pilot Study

I've been working with Ethan Zuckerman and Matt Stempeck on an alpha version of Terra Incognita: 1000 Cities of the World, a news game and recommendation system designed to help you discover relevant, fun, weird, interesting or stereotype-busting information about 1000 global cities. We are getting veeeeeery close to an alpha version and now we need users!

Can you help us with our first user study?

Sign up here to participate in our user study on the system. Participants in the study get an advance look at Terra Incognita and the opportunity to play a significant role in shaping its development.

Olafur Eliasson and the Little Sun Project | The Civic Art Initiative

Olafur Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic artist who is receiving the MIT McDermott Award in the Arts for 2014. He recently spoke at the Center for Civic Media as part of the Civic Art Initiative.

DML 2014: Playful Learning and Political Engagement

This short talk panel at DML2014 was organized by Eric Gordon and brings together case studies in game design and political engagement. 
Civic Seed: The Collaborative Challenge of Creating a Video Game for Civic Engagement
Presenter: Mindy Nierenberg


Big Data and the Future of Journalism

Yesterday MassINC, along with a number of partners, hosted the event "Big Data and the Future of Journalism". Here's an excerpt from the event announcement:

The Civic Art Initiative presents Kambui Olujimi

On Thursday, February 6th, the Civic Art Initiative recently partnered with the List Gallery at MIT to host a lunch and participatory art event with artist Kambui Olujimi. Here's a brief excerpt about his project which is installed in the Bakalar Gallery until Feb 23rd: