local communities

People in local geographic areas may need help communicating with each other in order to collaborate in building and sustaining healthy communities. Grassroots action at any level - neighborhoods, towns, or cities - can help improve local services, welcome newcomers, and develop cultural, economic and political capital.

Bridging Community Rifts with Simple Questions

What group of people do we hardly ever listen to, but hear about all the time? Question Bridge is a project about the radical power of asking a question, and then listening to the answer.


Leo Bonanni exposes the backbone of globalization with SourceMap


Interview Highlights: Immigrant's Rights Movement and Media Activism

The following is a brief summary of an interview with Kyle de Beausset regarding a project with the Center for Civic Media at MIT on the role of Media and Technology in Social Movements.

Kyle de Beausset has been involved with immigrants’ rights movements for nearly seven years. Specifically, Kyle has been working locally in the Boston area with the Student Immigrant Movement. Nationally, Kyle works with the United We Dream network and has also collaborated wtih Dream Activist. Kyle is also currently employed with Presente, and his personal blog can be accessed at Citizen Orange. Kyle became involved with the immigrants’ rights movement while an undergraduate at Harvard College. Trained as a journalist at the student newspaper the Crimson, Kyle began using media as his primary means of activism - a practice that has only strengthened over time.

Are open education resources essential to a future of technically-empowered citizens?

Ethan Zuckerman introduces Andrew Rens as "the sort of feral lawyer" he enjoys hanging out with, an intellectual property activist, legal scholar, lead legal counsel for Creative Commons South Africa, and involved in Africa Commons and Freedom to Innovate. If it has involved open source and fighting against intellectual property restrictions in an African context, he has been involved.

His work at the moment is focused on open educational resources, a compelling field, not just because it's incredibly important for people's education, but also because for people involved in the open copyright fight, it's one of the most winnable battles.

UROP position available with AAGO, "Mobile Media Diaries for Youth Citizen Journalists"

Are you an MIT undergrad with a coding background and interest in media? Check out this great opportunity with the AAGO project:

UROP Positions: MIT Center for Civic Media and the Comparative Media Studies Program
Faculty Supervisor: Prof. James Paradis

Project Title:
Aago: Mobile Media Diaries for Youth Citizen Journalists


Freed From Pop-Up Ads, Can the Boston Globe Succeed Online?

Today's Civic lunch featured the digital team from the Boston Globe, led by Jeff Moriarty, VP of Digital Products. He was joined by Chris Marstall, Marck Chang, and Grace Woo. They've just launched a new standalone site for the Globe, spinning off from the Boston.com portal and its ubiquitous popup ads. It's not a redesign -- they got to design a newspaper site from scratch in the year 2011, and the benefits of having a blank slate are evident in their award-winning design (here's more background on that design from some of its designers).

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