Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

The future of news?

The lucky and talented Knight News Challenge winners have joined us here at MIT this week to explore “The Future of News and Civic Media.” As they arrive, I am preparing to depart. This farewell post for C4FCM is inspired especially by them and by four experiences here this spring:
…MIT Prof. William Uricchio observed that old media make us feel like “a passenger in the back seat of the car, howling at the driver.”
…Phil Balboni debated a skeptical MIT student about news “objectivity” at Balboni’s new online GlobalPost venture
…Harvard’s Shorenstein Center handed out prestigious Goldsmith investigative reporting prizes to mostly old media folks,

CrisisCamp DC

Spent the weekend at a the CrisisCamp “unconference” at GWU in DC, a meeting of technologists, public policy experts, and a few grungy students around the area of mapping, disaster preparedness and response. Met some people I had previously only known via email, and made new connections for future projects. The first day was mostly [...]

The A Word: Information and Activism

cfa_logo.pngOne of the central shifts implicit in user-generated information is that in many cases the user will be closer to the subject than a reporter may have been. Journalists, like ethnographers or consultants, are separated from their subjects by factors like structures of reward (salary) and professional codes (organized skepticism, systematic disinterestedness). These factors are sometimes driven by ethical positions and sometimes are byproducts of revenue structures, but have been seen as important to the neutrality and objectivity that characterize recent ideas of journalism.

Happy Scratch Day

Via Mitch Resnick and others...

Scratch Day is a worldwide network of gatherings, where people will come together to meet other Scratchers, share projects and experiences, and learn more about Scratch.

David P. Reed speaks on activism, technology, and social systems

This talk was filmed as part of Chris Csikszentmihalyi's "Call for Action!" class during MIT's independent activities period, winter 2009. The class studied and built mobile tools for community organization.


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