Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Quick reviews, levels; technology release

We are proud to announce the next release of the bilumi platform and website. Have a look and let us know what you think!
New features include:

Sort companies by ratings (under “Browse Options” on the browse page)
Manage your personal interest portfolio (under “My Stuff”–>”My Portfolio”)
Quick rate and quick evaluate
Get acknowledged for playing quickrate and… level [...]

Rahala is reaching out to industry

How can consumer concern about business practices be leveraged for systemic change? Progress may require us to speak the language of industry; to provide detailed reports describing what customers will pay for improvement.
Rahala Alam begins her internship with today. She is investigating how companies value the concerns of their customers. That [...]

Youth Mobilization in Russia 2009 - Soviet Style

Don't you go and think that Obama is the only political figure who recently engaged his country's youth in the political debate successfully. His now Russian counterpart, President Dmitry Medvedev, just like before him Vladimir Putin, is at the top of his game in this area too - as the MT story here below shows.

More on the state-funded youth group Nashi - Russia's version of the Soviet Union's Komsomol, the youth wing of the Communist Party: see Wiki link. Nashi seems strongly inspired by it, with some Nazi/far-right ideology thrown in.

Scary to think what these young people could/can do in this technologically-enhanced "Information Age".
Sunday, February 08, 2009
The Moscow Times » Issue 4080 » Frontpage Top
Nashi Activist Tells of Snooping for Kremlin
06 February 2009
By Natalya Krainova / Staff Writer

Reporting in Russia: Another Day, Another Death...

Novaya Gazeta, one of Russia's few remaining independent newspapers, is burying this month its fifth murdered journalist in the past eight years. [see AP and Moscow Times stories here below].

I wish I could say these are rare and unusually horrifying events, but I used to read about such news on a weekly, if not daily basis throughout my eight years in Moscow as a foreign correspondent. [Arguably it's a big country - 9 time zones, but still...].

Convergence and Disturbance: New Media, Networked Publics, and Pakistan

The above video is one of a large number posted via Youtube by students in Pakistan to share what was happening in their country during the 2007-2008 political emergency. During a time when the government was tightening its control over traditional media, citizen journalists took on vital functions in fostering public debate, insuring the spread of important information, monitoring elections, and helping the outside world understand what was happening.


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