Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Recent news from the Center for Civic Media

Radical Media and Media Justice

The report on Latino Congreso 2011 reveals how a group of Latino community scholars are forging conversations regarding media justice (internet freedom) to address larger societal problems. These conversations have empowered and inspired Latinos to strategize on how to solve these inequalities.

The report is here:

The author observes a unique phenomenon in this group's mobilization process:

Radical Media in Rural Communities?

Radical Media, according to Robert D.H. Downing, are “media, generally small-scale and in many different forms, that express an alternative vision to hegemonic policies, priorities and perspectives” (v, 2001). In chapter IV of his book, Radical Media: Rebellious Communication and Social Movements, Downing asks how radical media can strengthen democratic culture in everyday life, stating that traditional analytical frameworks too often ignore the question of communication and the “messy reality” of democratizing media (42).

Under these terms, MAG-Net’s campaign, “Broadband to the People,” can be considered an attempt to promote radical media among America’s often excluded rural communities by way of democratizing broadband access. According to their website, 37% of adult Americans do not have access to broadband – a number that consists disproportionately of minorities, the poor, foreign-born residents, and non-English speakers.

Medios radicales y transformacion social

No hay revolución sin la organización de procesos democráticos que concientizen a que individuos se empoderen para formar comunidades que tomen acción a pequeña y gran escala.

En Desarrollo Organizativo para el Cambio Social: Un Enfoque Integrado para la Transformación Comunitaria, una de las primeras preguntas que hace el estudio es sobre cómo "nuestras organizaciones pueden ser lo suficientemente audaces para alterar las relaciones estructurales fundamentales en la sociedad, y ser lo suficientemente sabias para actuar según los principios de sostenibilidad organizativa y de transformación comunitaria". O sea, ¿cómo va nuestra organización a ayudar a fomentar los movimientos sociales para un cambio radical?

Radical Media in Democracy, Social Movements, and Dance as Radical Media

The theme of today's class is Hegemony, Ideology, and Resistance. "Radical Media: Rebellious Communication and Social Movements" by Robert Downing discusses the radical media, or "media, generally small scale and in many different forms, that express an alternative vision to hegemonic policies, priorities, and perspectives," (Downing, v). Radical media exists not necessarily as an opposition to mainstream media.

Community Radio: Radical Media Opening Channels For Communities

In its 2008 report entitled “Fighting Poverty: Utilizing Community Media in a Digital Age,” the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters features a piece by Bruce Girard, a community based media expert. His essay, “Community Radio, New Technologies and Policy,” lays out a brief history of community radio in relation to its growth over time thanks to both technological and policy based advancements. He laments the fact, however, that at the time of publishing, community radio stations across the globe were not doing enough to take advantage of significant innovation and interest within the ICT (information communication technology) world. The essay concludes with a number of recommended policies that will help community radio grow and help surrounding communities flourish via technology.


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